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Cracker dust in Perth

Cracker Dust

Also known as decomposed granite, cracker dust is a common by-product of mining and quarrying which is rather not discarded but used in many practical applications while constructing a house. The cracker dust is the finest form of the blue metal sand commonly used as a base for artificial lawns, paving screeds, pathways and driveways. It can be compacted tightly and still water is able to drain properly and also is a very cost effective material. Being able to blend with natural sands, the cracker dust can be an economical alternative to be used as filling and packing material around water tanks. This type of dust is also known to use less water than any other alternatives and has load bearing capabilities while being durable at the same time. This dust is fire resistant and heat resistant, non-plastic type and acts as alkaline when exposed to moisture because of which it is an ideal material to be used in construction.

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